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Re: Star Trek Fan Film Re-Edits

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I have to say that idea intrigues me. Also, I'd like to cut the TNG episode that frames the ENT finale into one piece and the TOS tribbles episode and DS9 episode into a whole piece.

There's many cool things one can do with the franchise.

But don't recut fan films - which was the point of this thread

But first on the list, if I ever get the time is to do an HD version of my Trek V re-edit. When I originally did it 12+ years ago, DVD was the miracle format
This clearly falls under the rubric of my self-appointed job as file-clerk-in-chief for fan films.

On the subject of intercutting the original Tribbles episode with the DS9 episode, Star Trek: Tribulation (1:12:38) has attempted just this.

Although very different than you vision, this is a recut of only the Ent part of the Enterprise final episode. It also eliminates Tripp's death, if I recall correctly (it's been many years since I viewed it)

A remix of Enterprise shots and sound to make a different ending for the series.

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Star Trek: Alliance Born (part one)(9:13)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part two)(9:33)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part three)(9:49)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part four)(8:53)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part five)(9:35)
Star trek: Alliance Born (part six)(8:56)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part seven)(9:55)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part eight)(9:46) NOT WORKING AT TIME OF NOTATION. The creator has not signed into his account since 2006, so it seems likely he will not fix this.
Star Trek Alliance (part nine)(9:54)
Star Trek: Alliance Born (part ten)(9:53)

These are taken directly from Star Trek Review's Fan Recuts and Mash-ups page, vis .
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