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With my story, what I've actually ended up writing is almost nothing like what I original thought of when I first started the outline a year or two ago. It started out fairly small and simple, but has gotten a bigger and lot more complex as I've gone on ... I've had a blast building this thing and that's really all I care about right now.
We should compare notes, JD. I'm writing a sci-fi/fantasy book (for the challenge and to keep me occupied) - it's fun, isn't it? I've sketched out the basic skeleton of the entire novel, and currently I'm about a third of the way through when it comes to writing it out in full. Around 150,000 words so far. I'm running it by family members and selected friends for feedback on the first draft.

I try to write a page a night if I can.
Mine is just something I work on a little bit here and there. I've been working on it since Oct. 2012, and I'm only 43 pages and 16,000 words into the first draft. Honestly, that's already 43 pages more than I thought I would ever actually write when I first started work on the project. It's mainly just something I'm doing for fun, so I haven't really pushed myself very hard to really dig in. Although most of those 43 pages have been written in the last few months. And I've gone back several times to change things, and rewrite who sections, so I've actually probably typed more words and pages than what are actually recorded.
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