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Re: Was NCC-1701 active for 40 years?

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I have no problem with the original Enterprise having a lifespan of 40 years.
Same here.
However, I felt that every Enterprise after the original had ridiculously short lifespans.
Personally, I go with the Enterprise-B was around the longest, about 50 years, and had several different captains and crews during her time.
I also wasn't all that crazy about the 20 year absence of an Enterprise between the C and the D.
I favor the idea that the fairly new Enterprise-C was the only starship with the name to be lost with all hands aboard and that Starfleet wasn't quick to replace her so fast. At the same time, Starfleet wanted the public to know that the Enterprise would live on by announcing that one of the still-in-the-idea phase Galaxy-class ships would be the Enterprise-D.

Whilst it is possible the Ent-B was around for 50 years. I don't think that's likely for the following reason. We know it's commissioning date is ~2293. The Ent-C had a date of loss circa 2344. Now fo course it is possible the Ent-C was only around for a year.
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