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TWOK uniforms : original badge design

From the ANOVOS team (makers of high end costume replicas) :

As originally designed, the uniform would have only featured the classic symbol on the belt buckle. The insignia on the chest would have been a stylized representation of the planet Earth, and that insignia was the long gold oval that eventually became the backing board for the two piece badge. How is it a pictograph of Earth? Well, the starburst in the center is our sun, the lavender/blue sections represent Earthís sky and oceans, and the ivory/white field are the clouds that surround our world. Oh, and that little dot over there in the corner? Thatís our Moon. Cool huh? This insignia and the concept behind it was designed by Mike Minor and Wrath of Khan costume designer Robert Fletcher, but it was Star Trek II director Nicholas Meyer who decided that it needed to have a "Starfleet Delta Shield" on top.
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