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Re: Question to those most disappointed with the SW prequels

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I did too - for the most part. It was a CGI tour de force that was actually thrilling and delivered more or less what it was designed to: display Anakin's incredible piloting skills and show off the then-new and recent CGI imaging technology by creating a slew of cool and interesting aliens who were also in the race.

TPM has some major flaws but the Boonta Eve Podrace isn't one of them.
My only criticism with it is that it takes too long for Williams' music to kick in. I get the decision to allow Ben Burtt the opportunity to showcase is sound-design-fu, but the result is that when the music kicks it, it feels out of place and overly melodramatic.

On the other hand, the Flag Parade cue, just before the race, is one of my favorites in the Saga.

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