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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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Looks like the Bynum-Gasol deal won't happen since reports are that the Lakers are trying to sweat the Cavs for more assets in order to take Andrew and give up Pau. Cavs will likely just cut him by Monday and then we'll find out who really wants him.

But barring a last minute miracle, like Pau playing like his old self, he is a goner either by the trade deadline or via free agency after this season. He was a great player for us but has seemed to lose his motivation after the 2010 championship.
Pau in a position that he is comfortable in + Kyrie + Luo Deng....

Would Lebron go back to Cleavlend?
Pau to Cle before the trade deadline, is music to my ears IF the Cav want him badlly enough to give up their 1st rounder this season or maybe 2015. I doubt they want him that badly. Besides, the Cavs can just wait and try to sign him out of free agency this summer.

LeBron back to Cleavland is not at all farfetched. It would complete the circle and somewhat right the "wrong" that occurred a few years ago.
I doubt they would trade a first rounder in this year's draft because it's apparently a good one and Pau isn't getting any younger. I suppose they could give next year's draft if they can get the salaries to work out (the biggest problem with any Gasol trade).
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