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The first half of Pathways really bugged me because it seemed like everyone's backstory could be summed up as "daddy issues." But I thought it got better in the second half.
Exactly my thoughts too!

And no explanation at all to the hostile situation between daddy and child. Nothing about the fact that daddy could actually be a s**thead, like Tom's dad obviously was. I mean, there must have been some strong reason why Tom disliked him so much.

(OK, I have a theory about daddy having an affair with someone and the result was Nick Locarno, something Tom discovered at the Academy but that'ts another story.)

I also think that B'Elanna's issue had more to do with her "Klingon side" which causes her to lose temper and the fact that she disliked Starfleet Academy after her experiences there, not about a father who abandoned the family.

Not to mention that Chakotay stated in the series that he and his father weren't exactly the best friends while in "Pathways" all problems did seem to be solved.

Even "Mosaic" had some of this strange "father-child" issue when a rather wimpy kathryn did seem to believe for a long time that her father didn't love her as much as her sister while the series gives another view.

So there is too much of Taylor's "as long as we are a big happy family and stick together and sing a song, everything will be allright". Unfortunately, not all families are happy families, obviously not even in the 24th century.

Despite that and the thin frame story in "Pathways, I actually like both books. "Mosaic" more than "Pathways" due to the frame story there which is very good in my opinion.
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