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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"


So it begins....

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Empress

Captain Erasia regretted not having the thoron shield to protect them. But each ship needed maneuverability as it navigated through the battlefield. Ariane, no surprise, was in the lead. The remaining warp vehicles trailed behind her.

Tan had reluctantly given control of them back to Commander Rhizzo. She hoped that wasn’t a decision that she would come to regret even more than ditching the thoron shielding.

The ship rocked to the left and her head snapped to the side, “What was that?”

“A shockwave from a fusion caster discharge,” Commander Sheppard answered. “Minimal damage to the starboard shields.”

“Keep her steady,” Erasia barked at the helm.

“Aye sir,” the flight control officer replied crisply.

“I know you’re a bit on edge,” Sheppard leaned over toward the captain, his voice low, “but Lt. Tobiaston is doing the best she can.”

“I’m aware of that,” Tan said tightly, her face darkening. “Now is not the time for screw ups. There will be no do overs.”

“We’re all aware of that…sir,” her first officer icily replied.

“Listen Mark, I don’t mean to be…so…disagreeable,” Erasia conceded. “I just want us to survive this.”

“I would wager that everyone on this boat and aboard the other ships feels the same way,” he said.

“But with Rhizzo controlling the warp vehicles,” she didn’t finish her statement.

“I understand your trepidations captain, but we need her being that wild card,” Sheppard reminded her.

“I know,” she paused as she juked in her seat involuntarily. Lt. Tobiaston angled the ship quickly around a hurtling propulsion drive that had broken off from a Chakuun warship.

“We’re so close,” she said, eyeing the main viewer and the monolithic seed ship now within their sights. “All we have to do is strike it and warp away to a safe distance and make our demand. And I’m spooked because it’s going well so far…too well.”

“Give it time,” Sheppard grimly replied. “Give it time.”
************************************************** ***********
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