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Re: Viddy this! -Oh my friends...;

Zion Ravescene said:
trekkiedane said:
The title: What film?

"Singin' in the Rain?"
So close - yet so far away.
Spaceman Spiff said:
The thread title is cute, but new people coming in aren't going to realize that this is a thread in which to post their funny videos.
True, but didn't we also have a lot of trouble with the previous thread? -even if the title was rather to the point! - This time we have the thread pinned, and as that is where people who want to post a clip will have to look I think It's OK... I truly believe this thread has become enough of an institution on the board to be seen for what it is.

BTW: Why is it that every time I read her name, I think of hotels in the French capital

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