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Since Tracey didn't look like a Kohm, I'd say it's safe to assume that he didn't pretend to be a local native but told them what he was and where he came from.
Maybe not. When Kirk and the landing party are first captured in "Bread and Circuses", they simply lie about where they're from and that the Enterprise is a ship at sea.
The bit about "ship at sea" was used in "Bread And Circuses." In "The Omega Glory" the Komms recognize phasers as "fire boxes" so they know Tracey definitely ain't local although his true origin mighn't be known to them. We just don't know. Seeing Sulu and his party materialize in plain view and then defer to Kirk convinced the Yangs that Kirk and his crew were the great God's servant, supernatural beings. Kirk doesn't exactly dissuade them of that notion, but he makes an effort for Cloud William not to fear him and uses the opportunity to try and repair or heal some of what Tracey contributed to.
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