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Re: Writing questions

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Holy cow, I've never written an entire novel that ran as much as 150,000 words. You've already written the equivalent of a 500 to 600-page paperback novel. And you're only a third of the way through?

A very important thing for writers to learn is editing, making one's writing concise. You often find in the revision process that there's a lot of stuff you didn't actually need.
Oh, indeed, I have no doubt I'll be cutting a lot. In my defence, it's the first draft of my first attempt at a novel, so I imagine the editing will be ruthless. It's more a project for my own enjoyment than anything, and I'm still in the early stages, but we'll see how it goes. I probably tried to be too ambitious; I'm going to see how the whole thing plays out before I decide where to start trimming.

Of course, given some of my posts on this forum, I don't think many people would be surprised to learn that my biggest problem is waffling on at length, that I need to learn to be concise...
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