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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

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All Hitler really cared about was the security of Germany

Does "scorched Earth" ring a bell? Towards the end of the war, Hitler believed that Germany deserved no other fate than to go under with him, because Germans had proven their inferiority as a race. For him, there were only two possible outcomes: Either he wins the war or Germany is completely destroyed, and rightfully so.

That's why surrender was never an option for him. To him, a complete dectruction of Germany was preferable to leaving it in a weakened state comparable to the one it was in before he took power.

Hitler was a extreme Darwinist, moreso than most other Nazis. For most Nazis the genetic superiority of the Germans was already established as a fact. Not so for Hitler. For him, Germany had to prove its worthiness to survive... by meeting other peoples and races in battle.
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