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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

I think you need to add a condition to your timeline, which is "What if the Nazi's won and Hermann Goring blew Hitler's brains out and took over in 1943 (or so)". Competent leadership might have done things as you lay out, whereas Hitler was mad enough to think that invading Russia with everything else he had going on was a good idea.

Then again, I see very little reason to believe that a victorious post-war Germany would end up being any more competent than the American post-war government (excluding Eisenhower and maybe Kennedy). RUSSIA would probably be the dominant space power, and they might be a tiny bit ahead of where they are in our timeline due to competing with a civilization that is more intolerant than ours. Assuming that another madman didn't come to power in the German Empire that would've decided nuking the USSR was an acceptable risk....
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