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Re: Writing questions

Holy cow, I've never written an entire novel that ran as much as 150,000 words. You've already written the equivalent of a 500 to 600-page paperback novel. And you're only a third of the way through?

A very important thing for writers to learn is editing, making one's writing concise. You often find in the revision process that there's a lot of stuff you didn't actually need. My first draft of Only Superhuman was 124,000 words and the second was 130,000, but the version that actually sold is about 115,000. Some writers say one should always try to cut a first draft by at least 10 percent.

And one of the problems I had in those first two drafts was the common problem of "walking to the plot" -- beginning too early in the story and showing the characters heading toward the initial crisis situation and getting ready, rather than just starting with the crisis already underway.
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