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Re: TF: A Ceremony of Losses by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

That seems to have been why the Federation didn't just offer the relevant sections of the Taurus Meta-Genome back in 2383, under the Bacco administration. By the time of The Fall, it appears that the Federation had only just determined that somebody was withholding the Tholian data from the Andorian Science Institute when Bashir's subterfuge was detected.
This was something I was wondering about while reading this book, that Ishan gets all the crap about withholding the information needed to create a cure (and rightfully so) but no explanation of what the Bacco administration was doing to help these past three years. I guess if they thought the Andorians had all they needed it may have been a case of, "Why bother?"

David Mack wrote: View Post
Damn … you're right. In retrospect, I should have written that scene. In fact, I now devoutly wish that I had.
I too would love to read that scene.
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