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Re: TOS Caption Contest #281: Who Captions for Adonais?

Kirk: "That's a big Twinkie!"

McCoy: "He's drunk, Jim"

Spock: "'G'Day' is not an accepted form of address for a superior officer, Mr Kyle."
Kyle: "Freedom of religious expression, Mr Spock. And yes, 'Aussie' is a religion, cobber!"

Scott: "Well I never! She makes all flirty eyes with me, but as soon as we beam down, she's all over Adonis over there."
Chekov: "You mean, Apollo."
Kirk: "Starbuck, Apollo, who cares. He's overwhelmed even my awesomeness."
McCoy: "I still reckon we all should wear togas."

Spock: "Junction B to adjunct A... Make sure the transtator is seated correctly in the housing... the subspace micro-coil should be grounded before removing..."
Uhura: "Stupid back seat solderer!"
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