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Re: Star Trek Fan Film Re-Edits

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I have to say that idea intrigues me. Also, I'd like to cut the TNG episode that frames the ENT finale into one piece and the TOS tribbles episode and DS9 episode into a whole piece.

There's many cool things one can do with the franchise.

But don't recut fan films - which was the point of this thread

But first on the list, if I ever get the time is to do an HD version of my Trek V re-edit. When I originally did it 12+ years ago, DVD was the miracle format
I've seen them both done quite well on fanedit[dot]org and YouTube.

I also had a go at cutting Emissary together with Relics (after the Enterprise leaves - it was the only one I could think of that fitted!) to basically create a full-blown TNG/DS9 crossover film, inspired by the Malibu comic. I knew Picard was in Emissary but when I watched it I was surprised how much. It basically showed the Enterprise doing something else while the DS9 crew were dealing with orbs etc. I guess it should have been a more Cardassian/Bajoran based story? Relics was chosen mainly because of timing, it was a relatively straight-forward 'life in a day' episode.

At the end, we see Picard, Geordi, Worf etc on DS9 from Birthright I, the Bashir/Data thing is also there, Worf refuses to go hunt his father then we cut to Emissary with the office scene with Picard & Sisko.

It is a bit rough around the edges but kind of works - my main quibble (tribble!) is Worf goes from shoulder-length to ponytail hair!

I did make this - based on other YT stuff - what was the TNG crew up to during the Dominion War?

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