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Re: Obvious plot hole at the beginning

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They know exactly what their actions will result in. Those people who were going to die, are now going to live. Obviously, the better option in every way.
And in a couple centuries time when they've become the greatest scrouge the galaxy has known, having obliterated Federation and enslaved the Klingon Empire, then the survivors will know who to blame. Yes, I’m aware this is a very extreme case, but there is always the possibility it could happen.

In “Dear Doctor”, Phlox says essentially that he can’t play god, that it was the Valakians fate to die out even though he had found a cure for them. Just because they can intervene doesn’t mean that they should. That may sound callous, but fate/destiny (whatever you want to call it) happens for a reason and to make changes won’t always make things better. Why is it that Starfleet doesn’t travel back in time to kill Hitler, stop Khan, etc? There would be no way of knowing what would happen things would be drastically altered forever. I know its all very hypothetical, but non-interference makes sense to me.

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Add to that the need for a starship to be underwater, even though every other cultural study undertaken by a Trek crew has been done safely from orbit.
If their actions were legal and sanctioned by Starfleet why would they need to hide? It makes what they're doing even more under handed. When they got back to Earth the entire command staff should have been demoted and reassigned as soon as the ship docked, with a more experienced crew being assigned to the ship.
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