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Re: Star Trek - Horizon (Enterprise Feature-Length Fan Film)

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here, so I thought I'd update everyone on the latest goings-on with the film!

We've had our first couple of big green screen shoots! That's a big a milestone! There's a bunch of behind the scenes pictures over on the facebook page for the film:

I'll share one here in the thread, though. This picture represents a huge personal milestone for me and one of the most gratifying feelings I've had in a while. I started work on this project over a year ago with modeling the bridge, and finally I'm starting to see it all come together. To motion track this first shot and see it fit perfectly into place was an incredible experience. It was kind of that moment of "wow, this really will work the way I planned!"

Hyperlink to the image from my SFM thread:

If I post it in the message as an image, it fills the whole page!
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