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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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I thought she grated him sanctuary which is why the trial was on Voyager and not in the Continnium? I thought the trail was just to show Quinn was suffering and had the right to take his own life?

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... now you've made me question it. I thought it was specifically said in the episode. Anyway, this is the equivalent of going through Romulan space and picking up refugees. By understanding is that you're not allowed to interfere in the internal politics. It might not be the PD though.
I was also thinking about what you said about Paris in "30 Days".
Wasn't part of the reason he got demoted was due to the fact if his plan failed, he would have destroyed an entire ecosystem of a planet?
Yeah, Janeway directly says that it's because he disobeyed a direct order as well as breaching the PD. The possible plan failing was never really mentioned. As guy said, Janeway states they've given their advice, it's up to the aliens to follow it or not. The Government has said no, so Voyager can't get involved.

Which is pretty much why I think that the following episode is so contradictory to what she just did to Paris. The ruling class have told her to not get involved, but she's ferrying refugees anyway. It's "Do as I say, not as I do".
Well yeah, that's part of being Captain.
Paris is just an Officer, he isn't supposed to go behind the Captains back and disobey an order.
I don't see it as a contradiction due to who's in charge and who isn't.
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