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Re: TOS Big 12 (or 18)


CAPTAIN Christopher Richard PIKE
(Assigned 2251 to 2264)

CAPTAIN James Tiberius KIRK
(Assigned 2265 to 2270)

Succeeding Christopher Pike as Captain of the Enterprise, James Tiberius Kirk assumed command in 2265 and went on to complete an event-filled 5-year mission.

Kirk during 2265 to 2270 is gregarious, charismatic, cocky, good-natured and charming, but also decisive, heroic, disciplined, passionate and self-confident. A cunning intellectual with a passionate thirst for knowledge. He despises injustice and tyranny, a true idealist who is willing to die for his beliefs.

He is a wounded man, romantically speaking, and hides this hurt in casual flirtation. His personal code of ethics forbids he get involved in any way with the crewwomen under his watch, he seeks out consensual relations with intelligent females he can consider his equals.

As a starship captain, he is intensely loyal to his officers and crewmates, who in turn reward him with a fierce loyalty. He respects the chain of command and follows orders but a strong maverick tendency coupled with a powerful sense of right and wrong may compel him to favour a higher moral code over rigid military protocol.

He displays unorthodox problem solving and almost reckless risk-taking. A bold explorer and exceptional tactician, Kirk never hesitates and can be ruthless during battle, either with the power of his starship, hand-to-hand combat or psychological warfare with his expert use of intellectual paradoxes, jealousy or even weaponized sex.

Currently the starship Enterprise and Captain KIRK are featured in two distinct web-series occurring during STAR TREK’s never broadcast ‘’fourth season’’.

NEXT UP: Starship EXETER and John Quincy GARROVICK,,,
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