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TOS Big 12 (or 18)

I remember first watching Star Trek as a wee lad, probably during the very late 60s when it was first repeated. I overcame my intense case of first episode heebie-jeebies where I ran screaming when the lady that looked like my nice auntie suddenly changed into a frightening salt monster and made the nice captain scream

I then began a decades-long ‘’love affair’’ with Star Trek filled with mugatos and little horned purse dogs and copper-coloured dwarves. Like many of my other favorite television shows, it stimulated my imagination and almost every episode served up a heapin’ plateful of things to like.

As the decades wore on and reruns begat more reruns, I could have Star Trek playing in the background while involved with other things but a few episodes always seemed to demand I stop what I was doing and offer them my full attention: ‘’DOOMSDAY MACHINE’’, ‘’THE THOLIAN WEB’’, ‘’THE OMEGA GLORY’’, ‘’THE ULTIMATE COMPUTER’’...

What each had in common was MORE Constitution Class ships than the ‘’usual’’ ol’ Enterprise as part of the story. Perhaps it was the rarity back then or the wicked glee I’d savour as the writers indulged in wanton destruction they could not get away with on the crew of the 1701. I never could seem to get enough.

In the 80s I got the post-Wrath of Khan bug and bought a bunch of ST books that sometimes gave you a guest-appearance by some other starship captain and crew. But a book just wasn’t the same as watching it move...

Almost 50 years later, here we are with a plethora of Star Trek web-series that are finally starting to scratch the itch that’s been driving me crazy for decades. A good number of Constitution-class ships with captains of their own, most if not all in adventures set during what would have been STAR TREK’s fourth season. For the shameless completist part of me, there are even brief cameos and guest-appearances as there were on TOS.

So what’s the point of this thread, you ask? Well, we’ve had discussions about fan film writing and character creating, and I’d like to make a little contribution that could be of use (maybe) to current creators or perhaps those forthcoming who might want to start their own future ST series either set upon the Enterprise or its sister ships. Already while gathering some info and photos together some interesting trends came to light.

Be aware I’m not trying to reconcile every non-canon trivia bit, mostly assemble some data from TOS and the many recent web-series, plus a pinch and a dash from SOME of the novels when convenient. Time period mostly from the Christopher Pike era until ST: TMP.

All comments and help are welcome...

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