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Re: Star Trek Fan Film Re-Edits

I've always loved your In Thy Image Jack, it really feels like a new classic episode - literally as if NBC commissioned a new pilot. It really gives viewers a fresh view of the story

A friend of mine, and I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning this if so I apologize, was planning to re-edit the Trek movie franchise, inspired by you Jack, into a TV series called Star Trek: Phase II. I think this was when the Cawley show was still called New Voyages.

Roughly speaking, he would have used TMP as a 'pilot', then movies 2-6 which would have been divided into 7 episodes, with an 8th using the 'Starfleet/Klingon Academy' games plus 9th Generations Prologue; 10th Of Gods and Men (yes a fan film but the stars are Koenig and Nichols); and at least 2 more showing Spock, McCoy and Scotty in the TNG era (I don't think we got into the details - the post-Generations stuff was pretty much my idea; but I have an idea for Trek09/Unification as an episode, basically Trek09 from Spock Prime's point of view with Unification as flashbacks; NO IDEA if it would work!)

The great thing about the TOS movie series is that there are kind of character arcs running right through from the 2nd movie onwards that thread it together as a series - that would format quite well as a TV Series.

Another fan editor has taken a similar approach editing the six Trek films into a series of Telemovies, they are the six films but reformatted if you like with TVesque title sequences and commercial breaks.

Yes we do have TWO fanfilm series now giving Trek a 4th and 5th season, but this would be Season 6, the ongoing journey of Kirk and crew. The guy is now working on other projects, so I'm not sure if he's planning to revisit the idea but I guess there's an OCD inside me wanting to see the whole adventures of Kirk and crew in a series of TV boxsets!
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