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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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It worked for the movies, and it will work for television.
I don't know if that's a given. Although there are examples of TV reboots working out, there are a lot more of them failing. The ones that succeed are made relevant for today, and are very fundamentally changed. Even though the new movies are obviously visually updated, I don't think there's enough to carry a series with the same old crew (especially since TV isn't geared towards VFX and one-liners). So if a reboot happened, you'd almost have to expect there to be some more drastic changes. While you may get Kirk and Spock, they probably wouldn't be like the ones we remember. Otherwise it would be really stale.
I wasn't implying that a new Trek series with Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise should be a carbon-copy of '60's TOS. nuBSG had many of the "same" characters and the "same" ship, but it was obviously a reboot, as EJO's Adama is clearly not the same person as Lorne Greene's Adama, etc. But as long as the spirit of those characters and that ship are the same, then all you need is the name recognition to go along with it and it will have a better chance of success than trying to sell new characters and a new ship to an audience.
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