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Re: Question to those most disappointed with the SW prequels

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She's no dummy, he would have to hide it from her. I'm sure he didn't need to actually hand wave all the time. Probably had it down to just rubbing his fingers together "nervously".
If he actually Force-manipulated her, it would explain sooooo much, for instance how she went from being independent and no-nonsense to sentimental and completely oblivious to Anakin's emo-ness and downward spiral.

She started off as being good at observing things. She ended up as a doofus...well, to be fair, shortly before he Force-choked her, she sort of snapped out of it, but Episode 1 Padme would never simply give up on life because her marriage fell apart, especially with 2 babies needing her. I might be less ragey about this if I imagine Anakin manipulating her in my head canon. Good call.
Yes I think it makes sense. It explains her own character deterioration and even more so to me it seems like an inevitable choice Anakin would make. He needs to be loved by her and if he can just tweak her perceptions a bit so she's happier that's good right? Because he wants her to be happy.. with him.

Even though she was probably free of the direct influence of him in the end her whole psyche was damaged still which is why it was easy for her to give up even though she had two babies, something totally out of character for her in TPM. Died of a broken heart? Well she had those babies to love, babies she already loved when pregnant with them. But if he was force brainwashing her all those years there wasn't any room for love for anything but him and when he attacked her he crushed everything he'd rewired her into being.

I'm not too clear on the time frame though, how long from the force choking to the birth? Because she didn't look that pg with twins in the force choking but the babies were obviously well along and viable at the birth.

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