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Re: The Future of Star Trek - Animation?

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^^ What's there looks OK enough, but there are no treatments of the characters, besides the (itty-bitty) thumbnails, and obviously no treatment of motion, so I can't say whether I'd like Markowski's take. There's just insufficient data. Too bad we can't see a demo reel!
His site is here:

And shows some more images. My CG version of Kirk that I'd posted earlier was based on his artwork. I think it would be a good style for a Star Trek series. In 2D or 3D.
Thanks!!! I'd seen the other stuff, but I hadn't seen all this before.

Although I have some quibbles, I'm not viscerally rejecting his Kirk and Spock, so that's a good thing. Uhura looks promising.

Scrolling down, the one of the "Red Shirt about to get owned" was excellent.

When I got to the Horta treatment, I said, "YEAH!!!"

So, OK, an enthusiastic thumbs up, let's see a demo reel!
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