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According to The Making of DS9 they used early SD resolution CGI Tools to paint over production flaws on the sets. If an "We can fix it in post production" attitude was rather the rule than the exception the remastering work could get more extensive (= expensive) than on TNG.
Interesting, there have been several instances where they've done this in TNG-HD, typically covering up mics, stands or ceilings that weren't supposed to be seen. If this was a common issue in DS9, it would indeed take quite a bit more time to remaster the show than TNG.
One has to wonder why they didn't just do it right the first time while filming instead of wasting money "fixing" things after filming.
Possible reasons

Money. (After all it might be cheaper to fix it in post)
Guest star availability.
No one noticed untill the episode was being edited together.
It was the best take.
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