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If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

Someone I correspond with came up with the below timeline had the Nazi's not lost in WWII. You think it's reasonable?

1936 to 1944
development of A1 to A5

1944 to 1948
The SS take The Program in they hands
Mass Production of A-4 (V-2)
development of A5 to A9 (include with storable propellants.)
A-8 German "Scud" ( the USSR used the A-8 Design as base for the Scud)
A-6 Fist Manned Rocket Flight at Mach 3 with Rocket / ramjet
A-9 Fligth (First Suborbital Human Space Flight with a A9 ?)
A-10/A-9 Flight - NAZI have frist "THOR" ICBM !

1948 to 1952
Mass Production of A-8 A-9/A-10
development of A11 to A12
Launch First Satellite "Munin" (by A-11/A-10/A-9 Rocket )
A-4 is put out Servis, replace by A-8

1952 to 1956
new Technolgy - Von Braun Start on a reusable space launcher A-13
First Human A SS-Nazi In Orbit (A-12/A-11/A-10/A-9 Rocket)
more Satelite and Human Space Flight
A-8FM SLBM is installed in German submarine

1956 to 1960
Launch of first reusable Space Shuttle "Walküre" (A-13/A-12/Fahre )
start Build of a toroidal Space Station "Asgard" with a crew of 48 persons.

1960 to 1964
new Technolgy
"Hugin" Lunar Orbital Fly from Space Station
first expeditions of Moon (12 men 6 weeks) at Sinus Roris in 1964
First Human On the Moon the SS claim the Moon for the REICH

1964 to 1968
More Moon expeditions and SS-Moon Base "Mjölnir" with A-9 ICBM
this a rehearsal of techniques for later Mars expeditions

1968 to 1972
new Technolgy NTR and Ionn Engine
First Venus Flyby as rehearsal for Mars expeditions
First Mars expeditions (12 men 3 Years) Temporaly SS-Base "Utgard" on Mars
the SS claim the Mars for the REICH

1972 to 1976
More Mars expeditions
More Venus Orbit "Hugin" expeditions
manned Flight to Mercury ?
First Jupiter Moon expeditions (5 years)

I can go on until the Nazi Get to next Near Starsystem....

if finde some similarities with Collier's magazine Spaceproject
that is orginal from Von Braun
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