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Re: Star Trek Fan Film Re-Edits

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The Search for Spock would need a slight re-edit.

At first, Kirk only wants to get McCoy to Vulcan to save his mind. But then the Grissom reports Spock's torpedo tube being found. So he decides he wants to get Spock's body for a proper Vulcan funeral as well.

But then they find Spock alive and well on Genesis, and then Sarek comes up with the idea that perhaps they could re-integrate his katra in the body.
I couldn't agree with this more. Star Trek 3 could use a proper chronological cut. The Grissom appearance was supposed to the a "Teaser" of sorts to the film, followed by the threat of Klingon intervention, then beginning with Act 1, the rescue of McCoy and the retrieval of Spock.

Maybe someday I'll do this when I don't have 3 fan films waiting on my computer to get edited
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