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Re: Homemade documentary on TNG sets in 1988

Yes, yes, YES. That was me, over 25 years ago, pulling that STUPID stunt, trying to make a home movie of the sets of STTNG. Ralph and I were lucky enough to be on the sets for over an hour, while the doors were locked. Had I known that this video would be stolen from me (a copy anyway) and mass produced, sold at conventions, burned to DVD copies, and sold, and generally re-edited to make me look ever worse that I already looked, I would have just walked away. Being harassed on the internet from day one, stalked and harranged for just being a FAN, it's left a real sour taste in my mouth. NO, we were not arrested that night, but I was arrested at a later date, for totally unrelated situations, but the studio suits were really concerned about what I planned to do with that video!

I was let off with no jail time and only community service for two weeks! And regardless of what has been said, nothing was ever stolen from the sets, EVER, and no reports of stolen costumes, props, or wall panels was ever made! The only stealing that went on, was a breakin at Michael Dorn's trailer, and they took both his WORF costumes, and his headpieces! I know this because the company that I worked for did makeup as well, and Paramount wanted our makeup girl to come over there and make some more headpieces, since Michael Westmore was in Europe!

Ralph and I made a pact to not disturb anything that would halt or stall the production of STTNG, and that bed falling over was just an accident, the thing weighted like 300 pounds, solid metal. Guy Vardeman stated that the whole day after, production was stopped so they could fix that bed, which is not a truthful statement. No report of damage to the sets or that bed were ever reported, and they didn't even know about the video for YEARS after that.

The only thing that I can think was, since the bed was on a furniture dolly, being moved one place or the other, that it was being put into storage. The idea that tipping over could damage that monster, you couldn't damage that thing if you put it on the freeway and hit it with a Mack truck. You would only damage the truck!

People have used this video to claim that I am a liar and a thief, and that this proves that I broke into the sets, and that I had stolen stuff, which there is NO footage of that basis at all. They then started saying (and still say) that I was a fan, when I actually worked on the show! Mike Okuda stated at a convention that "Greg Stone has never worked on any Star Trek production EVER"! Now, it is said that "Greg Stone was a minor SFX artist who worked on SOME episodes of TREK"!!!

Truth be told, I actually worked for the first three years, from 86 to 89, and left to work on the James Bond film "License to Kill". I worked in various movies and TV for 13 years, ending up with "Lethal weapon 4".

When I think of other things, I will post it here.

Greg Stone
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