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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ambassador Fox.
B is for Bob of the Cetacean Institute in 1986 San Francisco.
C is for Ceti Alpha V.
D is for the Deltived asteroid belt.
E is for Emergency Medical Hologram.
F is for Ferris. Galactic High Commissioner Ferris. The only thing high about him was his opinion of himself.
G is for Galaxy-class Federation starships of the late 24th (and presumably early 25th) century.
H is for Horta.
I is for impulse. Quarter, half, three quarters, take your pick. Any of these are better than thrusters. Unless, of course, you are trying to get out of Spacedock!
J is for Janus VI.
K is for Klingon mind-sifter.
L is for Lawrence Marvick, who often went by Larry.
M is for Mugato.
N is for Nanotechnology of the late 24th century.
O is for Orifices of V'ger.
P is for Pike's Pants.
Q is for Question, which the Guardian of Forever has awaited since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born.
R is for Red Alert status aboard Federation vessels.
S is for Sarpeidon.
T is for Tanugans.
U is for Uhura's Undies.
V is for Volumetric Stress Regulation Garment. AKA, Seven's catsuit.
W is for Warriors of the Klingon Empire.
X is for Xindi secret weapon: A death star.
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