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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Anybody have any comments on what Goddell said about eliminating PATs?
Just that it's a change from all other levels of the sport. The basic "gameplay" of football is the same from high school to the pros; eliminating PATs changes it. An alternative that keeps the gameplay the same could be moving the try further back if you want to increase the difficulty of scoring on a kick.

But for competition purposes, I think the idea has merit. It will be met with resistance, but it would make the game more exciting.
I wish they would just chill out for a little while and fix the obvious shit that needs fixing. Focus on the challenge system along with replay and once that gets ironed out then we can look at other things. At this point it feels like they are tinkering just for the sake of tinkering. The PAT is stupid but the proposed changes are huge and change the entire dynamic of the game, especially from the coaching perspective. So far I'm in favor of maybe spotting the ball on the 30 yard line for the extra point so the kicker doesn't have an absolute gimme. I'm not sure about the "two point conversion" method on every TD.
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