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Re: PD: a captain vows to sacrifice his ship and crew rather...

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Planets are pretty big. A small group of folks sees a star ship, so what? Why should any one else believe it, or even care? Contamination? Sociology isn't biology. Those folks seeing a star ship are no more contaminated than whites are by a black eating in the same restaurant. The idea of the PD as a means to prevent the economic and military imperialism of Earth's past is a fine idea, but the idea that meeting folks is some contagion that is harmful is ludicrous.
If the PD had been framed that way it would make more sense.

In "The Apple" Kirk and company might likely become little different than the gods of our own ancient mythology. The natives were already superstititious and were worshiping an inanimate object, Val. They would have learned had to plant and forage and survive much as ancient humans did.

In "Bread And Circuses" Merrick revealed who he and his crew were to the Proconsul, but there's little evidence it went much further beyond that. The few Preatorian guards that saw Kirk and company dematerialize could probably have been ordered to keep silent or even killed to keep them silent.

In "The Omega Glory" it was Tracey who revealed who they were and introduced the advanced tech of phasers.He can claim he was trying to protect the Komms, but the real reason was he wanted to survive to learn the secret of the inhabitants longevity and he didn't care who or how many he had to kill.

In "A Private Little War" the Klingons have already interfered in the native population and Kirk used the imperfect least worst of all choices to try to restore the status quo.

In "A Taste Of Armageddon" the Eminians are an advanced culture with spaceflight capability and well aware of life in the galaxy who take aggressive action against Kirk's landing party and the Enterprise. The real blame for anything Kirk does really lays on the shoulders of the Federation Council, Starfleet Command and Ambassador Robert Fox. Nothing in this situation warranted Kirk sacrificing himself and his crew.

And so what circumstance could warrant an absolute sacrifice?
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