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Re: Which future is it?

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Our future will not be anything like that represented in Trek, because Trek is fiction and reality tends not to follow the same script. That being said, Trek shows us an idealized, fantasized, and romanticized version of the future that we should try to work towards, but that's really the extent of it no matter how many times it's rewritten, reimagined, or rebooted.
I disagree. Our own future has been shaped by the Trek TV shows already. Cell phones, medical scanners. We seem to love to make that future a reality.
"That future" is a fantasy, created by studio execs first and foremost for entertainment and money-making purposes (and not necessarily in that order). Trek's inspired some things like you mentioned in our world, but it isn't going to be an accurate depiction of how things will truly be. "The real" future will be different--more advanced than Trek in some areas, but substantially far behind in others.
As long as society evolves the way it has on ST-Earth, I'm cool with it.
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