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Re: Twelve Years of Me!

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Though it seems as if a lot of us joined in 2001, I wonder why?
Wasn't that the year the internet got faster? No more dial up analogue modem connections?
I joined back then, too, because I got specifically invited by a friend. Had had a look at the board before but frankly didn't like it. At a first glance because of the military rank system and at a closer look because of the gazillions of unbalanced teens and twens hanging out there and venting their problems by bullying others. The board has changed a lot since. Now it's quite ok but still doesn't feel comfortable. Much of that discomfort is owed to the ads, though. My fellow posters are mostly very nice .
And I liked the old blue/gold template better. The new one is too dark and doesn't offer enough contrast to display my favourite smilies.
If only, if only my local exchange was only upgrade to ADSL in 2005, and ADSL Max in 2006. No ADSL2 (or as BT would say 21CN) for me. Though on the plus side it is due to be upgraded to FTTC/P sometime this year. The whole BDUK is a behind schedule due to issues with EU rules or something regarding state aid. I can't wait to get fibre and get shot of this slow upto 8Mbps service I get. I'm sick of paying more for an inferior service as where I live I can't get deals offered by IS providers, but I digress.
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