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Why "Uhuro?" Granted, the name "Uhura" is a fake construction to begin with, taking the Swahili word uhuru and adding a Latin feminine suffix to it, so I guess they're doing the same with a masculine suffix; but why not just let it be Uhuru?

And shouldn't it be Pavlona Chekova?

and it should be Pavlona Chekova

as for Uhura, it's stupid because her own father is also called Uhura (Alhamisi Uhura, not canon but used in many different sources including her bios in the official star trek app), it's not her first name and shouldn't have a female or male variant.
technically the first name they chose for male Nyota, NMandi, is a different name and might change the origins a bit (as it is from Nigeria while Uhura/Nyota is from Kenya)
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