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Re: Twelve Years of Me!

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Though it seems as if a lot of us joined in 2001, I wonder why?
Wasn't that the year the internet got faster? No more dial up analogue modem connections?
I joined back then, too, because I got specifically invited by a friend. Had had a look at the board before but frankly didn't like it. At a first glance because of the military rank system and at a closer look because of the gazillions of unbalanced teens and twens hanging out there and venting their problems by bullying others. The board has changed a lot since. Now it's quite ok but still doesn't feel comfortable. Much of that discomfort is owed to the ads, though. My fellow posters are mostly very nice .
And I liked the old blue/gold template better. The new one is too dark and doesn't offer enough contrast to display my favourite smilies.
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