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But if the original CGI won't stand up to an HD remaster, then the point is moot. Just like Babylon 5, the CGI would have to be recreated from scratch (which is why Babylon 5 will never be on BluRay, for exactly the reasons you mention).
That's only part of the problem, some of it was in fact rebuilt for HD for The Lost Tales. The bigger problem is that the original CGI appears to be long gone since the two companies that did it have folded up. So we may never know what the state of those assets were.

This is also a bit of inappropriate comparison since we're talking about B5 which was widely using CGI earlier than DS9, and B5 had a smaller budget than any '90s Trek series.

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Yes, I did read the article. I just don't buy that the files will still be viable several years down the road when seasons 6 & 7 get remastered. But we'll see.
Viable how? It's not like 1080p will suddenly become higher resolution. 1080p is 1080p.

Did you mean viable in software compatibility? If that were true, it should be a problem now, given the leaps and bounds Lightwave has taken over the years. Yet Bonchune said his models load up fine.

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