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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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Super interview on Trek FM Mater Stream done on Friday. Highly recomend this Pod cast Very informative and enlighting.

Thank you very much. That interview is here:

It was fun as it was the first Podcast I did with Richard Hatch, who is so very fired up.

Richard was also my first acting coach 20 years ago and I am back in class with him now. It really is wonderful working with him, as he is an AMAZING teacher.


Thanks for sharing that link, Alec.

Some questions:

Is Rod Roddenberry now also associated with your fan film? Or was his intro just for TrekFM alone?

-So it was James Cawley's idea for you to play Garth of Izar in "Origins" ? You were offered the George Kirk role too?

-According to you, Garth is now fully recovered and back in service as of "Going Boldly." ? Does this mean we might see him on Phase II again? What is the context then of Garth's appearance in "Going Boldly" -- if Phase II is doing TOS Season 4, it seems awfully unlikely that Garth not only would have recovered but also be reinstated and given his own command in such a short time. How is Phase II addressing this?

There are a lot of big ideas discussed here; if your script matches the bravado here, Axanar will surely be quite the epic. I hope it will live up to the hype!

One thing I do like it your unfettered and unabashed enthusiasm - it comes through loud and clear here, and that's actually a good thing to see/hear.

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