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Re: DS9 on blu ray?

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The sheer amount of effort CBS-D have to put in to recreate the few TNG CG elements from scratch is HUGE. Doing that with DS9 would be financially crippling for any project.
But if the original CGI won't stand up to an HD remaster, then the point is moot. Just like Babylon 5, the CGI would have to be recreated from scratch (which is why Babylon 5 will never be on BluRay, for exactly the reasons you mention).

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Have you even read the article on TrekCore? It says that the models were generally "overbuilt" for SD resolution by the CGI artists.
Yes, I did read the article. I just don't buy that the files will still be viable several years down the road when seasons 6 & 7 get remastered. But we'll see.
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