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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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That looks pretty great! I was eagerly anticipating images of this debut broadcast. I assume it was aired with a German dub, correct? No original English audio? And what was the frame rate, 60i with 2:3 pulldown or 50i?
Dubbed, yes. No english audio.
It was shown at PAL speed, similar to the RC2 DVD.
So, a little bit faster than US-speed.
But that's the normal thingy with TV here in Europe, I guess.

But anyway, this was only the pilot and that's already a GREAT recommendation to get the Xfiles BD-sets imho. I will.
Thanks for the info! I guess I'll have to speed up the audio from my R1 DVDs if I ever run across these and attempt to remux.

Looks like the pilot AND "Deep Throat" based on those last two caps (more here). The pilot was shot by Thomas Del Ruth with standard "Academy Offset" 35mm cameras and framed for TV Trans 1.33:1. However, starting with the second episode, "Deep Throat," John S. Bartley took over as DP for the next three years and they switched to Super 35mm and protected for 1.78:1 while shooting for 1.33:1. So while the widescreen is certainly a compromise, they were at least conscious of it at the time of filming.

I wonder what the Blu-rays will be aspect ratio wise? This may only be for broadcast. Robert Meyer Burnett said HTV originally mastered them for 1.33:1, then went back to the negatives and did 1.78:1.
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