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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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This is exactly how I feel. If people truly want something new then they don't want "Star Trek". Any Trek series with "new" characters is going to be playing by the same rules in the same universe as the last fifty-years of Trek productions.
I've yet to hear anyone explain what's wrong with that. As to why I'd like to see a series that follows TNG-DS9-VOY, it's because I like the idea of following up on story threads and ideas that were briefly introduced or explored during the earlier series. In order to provide an element of freshness, the series could be set in the 2390s or early 2400s in order to allow for enough time passage that nothing aired contradicts existing canon or the novels currently available.

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It will end up being a "check-box" series.
Not if it's put together properly and features interesting characters and plotlines. Most fans will accept a series driven by entertaining writing. Might there be problems attracting non-fans who think Star Trek is only Kirk and Spock? Perhaps, but the same thing was said about TNG when it was released.

I don't know. Maybe I see Trek differently because for me, it's a window into a hypothetical future viewed the through the eyes of several groups of people over several decades of time. I don't see it as a story about a single ship and crew, nor have I ever.

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