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wth, seriously?!! Enough with the angst, we're Starfleet officers!

I'm sad, why does Treklit thing emotion = angst?

Still of course I will read it. I'll preorder it from bookdepository today. 11.47, huh..

Though if Janeway dies again I will commit bookicide.
Ok, she isn't allowed to die again. I'll cry.

I pre-ordered the e-book for about 8.99 here.

The J/C part of me is especially excited since this will be the first full novel where they are actually together. Even if there is angst, that's okay...just don't break them up please!! It took Janeway dying and four books for them to finally get together properly!

Either way, I'm happy for a new Voyager book!
I guess what I'm hoping for from this book is the whole Janeway vs Starfleet issue to be resolved now that she's alive. KB has already said that the next few books are going to be part of an arc where some serious stuff is going to go down and I can't see that happening without Janeway on board. With any luck, after killing her off and having 4 books of angst they'll leave her and Chakotay alone for a while!

It also looks like this book will get politics-heavy, so we'll see how that goes. But overall, I'm pumped for this book!
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