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I'm reading Jeri Taylor's VOY book "Pathways" now. I'm only about halfway through. I like that it takes place in the original timeline with the whole crew, but there are way too many chapters about Chakotay for my liking.
I liked Pathways, although I really preferred Mosaic (Taylor's book about Janeway's backstory). But the framing story in Pathways is better.
I have to disagree here. I find the framing story in "Mosaic" much better and more exciting. The one in "Pathways" was a bit thin and too predictable.

As for the background stories of the crew members in both "Mosaic" and "Pathways", I like them but sometimes I find Mrs. Taylor's way of sugar-coating everything a bit annoying. B'Elanna's and Tom's attitude problems are never fully explained. B'Elanna's problems at the Academy is waived away with hints that it had something to do with missing her father and Tom's bad relationship to his father was never explained. All that just doesn't fit with how they were in the series. The same for Janeway who were a bit wimpy in "Mosaic". There must have been a radical change there during the time between her post at the Bonestell and her time on Voyager.

Still, I like all the background stories, especially Chakotay's, Neelix's, Kes's and Paris's stories.
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