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wth, seriously?!! Enough with the angst, we're Starfleet officers!

I'm sad, why does Treklit thing emotion = angst?

Still of course I will read it. I'll preorder it from bookdepository today. 11.47, huh..

Though if Janeway dies again I will commit bookicide.
Ok, she isn't allowed to die again. I'll cry.

I pre-ordered the e-book for about 8.99 here.

The J/C part of me is especially excited since this will be the first full novel where they are actually together. Even if there is angst, that's okay...just don't break them up please!! It took Janeway dying and four books for them to finally get together properly!

Either way, I'm happy for a new Voyager book!

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I'm reading Jeri Taylor's VOY book "Pathways" now. I'm only about halfway through. I like that it takes place in the original timeline with the whole crew, but there are way too many chapters about Chakotay for my liking.
I liked Pathways, although I really preferred Mosaic (Taylor's book about Janeway's backstory). But the framing story in Pathways is better.
Yeah I also preferred Mosaic (especially the audiobook since it had Kate Mulgrew reading it!) - although I did enjoy Pathways as well, some of Janeway's back-story was just heartbreaking!
BTW, I finally finished "Pathways" and it was pretty good. I must have written that post while I was reading the Chakotay backstory.
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