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Re: Star Trek -- Project: Potemkin "The Night the Stars Fell from the

We really appreciate the feedback, Double-Oh. Very insightful, and yes, we have many of the same criticisms you did as well, especially in regard to the sound and lighting.

Filming took place long before we had an independent audio-capturing device (presently, we're using a TASCAM DR-40), and we were horrified to be informed that almost all the sound was unusable (because of creatures known as cicadas) -- and we had to dub it. (In fact, I believe nearly every single line on location was dubbed.) Those that were in the Albany area (which is 200 miles SSW of Atlanta) took turns coming in to Stellar Video Services' small studio and re-recorded their lines using the TASCAM. Others, such as Doug "Delaney" Harper and Christin "T'Noshi" Woods ended up re-recording their lines on whatever microphone system they could. Personally, it's one of my greatest regrets about this production.

I'll let David Eversole address any remarks about the story itself.

Lighting, I agree, is another challenge, one that we were ill-equipped to handle on location. We were literally running hundreds of feet of electrical from either the nearest outlet to the locations we shot at. Sometimes, we simply didn't have enough cords (and we have eight 100' cables and used several 50' cables as well), and I think that caused part of the problem there. Often, we were filming in steamy/cloudy/even rainy conditions and the sunlight filtering through was problematic.

But we learned a great deal from our experiences on location, and hopefully won't repeat the same mistakes in future productions!

Thanks again for your insights!
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