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I loved Mass Effect 3. Sure there's quibbles but overall I adore it. Endings? Meh, there's sooo much good stuff before there that I'm happy. And Citadel is just the most awesome damn thing in the universe.

I for one am excited for ME4!
I recently replayed the endgame section of ME3 after picking up the DLCs that I missed the first go around (Citadel, Omega and Leviathan.) From my POV, the Leviathan DLC and the extended cut really made a big difference in how things felt when it was all over.

That being said, I still think Destroy is the only viable ending. I started ME with the intention to destroy the Reapers. I sure wouldn't change my mind after all those years of struggle just because some faulty AI tried to dissuade me. Besides, even though my Shepard ended up on the Paragon side of the scale, he was and is a survivor. Destroy is the only ending where Shepard lives to fight another day.
Plus you're not forcibly altering the genetic code of eveyone in the galaxy against their wills to turn them into a big homogeneous group, or risking the Catalyst convincing you to restart the Cycle all over again at a future date.
Yeah, Synthesis never sat right with me and Control seemed utterly foolish considering I had just, not two minutes previous, convinced The Illusive Man to commit suicide because he'd been indoctrinated into thinking he could control the Reapers. Not to mention, of course, that Saren met the same fate in ME 1.

I like to think of Destroy as the 'Kirk' option. When in doubt, break the massive computer controlling everything.
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