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I am a J/C fan. But I prefer when they are together. Not as interested on rehashing Chakotay's backstory. Eh, maybe that section seemed longer than it actually was? But that has nothing to do with my shipping of him with Janeway. I was incredibly happy with how their relationship evolved in FC and The Eternal Tide.
I was extremely happy with Ms Beyer's development of J/C in her novels! I was initially worried about it all becoming rather OOC but she doesn't seem to have done that with any of the characters (at least none that has been glaringly obvious).
I hope we get some more of Tuvok in the new books, we only saw him for a short while in FC.

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Excerpt for forthcoming (1/28/14) Voyager novel Protectors now posted on Simon/Schuster site fyi:
Has anyone else read the excerpt? What do you think of how this book seems to be set up?
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