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Re: VOY: Protectors by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I hope Beyer doesn't end the new voyager books with Voyager being the only remaining ship of the Delta quadrant fleet. It seems too cheesy to me.

I was hoping to look forward to seeing them encounter the Kazon or Devore. How would they react when they encounter a small fleet of Federation ships instead of the one science vessel. It's a shame the ships are getting destroyed left and right.

As good as Beyer's books are I wish she wrote more about the races and civilizations Voyager encountered in the episodes. The Videans what are they like now?, What happened to the Borg rebellion led by Korok (unimatrix zero and Axom), What about the human transplanted colony?, or the world populated by groups of severed borg? There's so many obvious good and interesting things to draw on I don't know why she doesn't use it. Maybe possibly in a few years time.
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