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Re: Nelson Mandela-class Diplomatic Courier

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Mandela is/was well known today as the leader of the ANC who overcame decades of imprisonment to become the head of South Africa and an important world leader. Most know him because of the struggle of all colored people (not my term) and imposed by the Dutch Afrikaaner controled South African government as a result of apartheid.

What's not well known is that he was caught with lots of explosive devices, ordered lots of bombings himself, married a person who did some of the most heinous things committed by the ANC, was a Communist but wouldn't publicly admit it in his written biography though a leaked and authenticated biography admits this, and would never condemn the terrorist actions committed by the ANC. He also purchased enormous amounts of armaments after becoming a leader in his country.

Do some checking as to the state of South Africa today especially regarding the number of murders. It's appalling. Apatheid was horrifically bad and affected folks who were Asian and Indian as well as African or combinations of those things even in the most miniscule amounts. But all of that has to be measured within an honest appraisal of history and seeing Mandela for who he was completely.

There's nothing wrong with your art. It's creative and beautiful. But naming a diplomatic ship the Nelson Mandela is rather like naming a diplomatic ship the Ariel Sharon. It would be as controversial.

Desmond Tutu would be entirely appropriate, an almost saintly man, known for trying valiently to end apartheid, respected by almost everyone, etc.
In light of this, I have to reconsider at least the class name of this Diplomatic Courier, and for now, I think that this ship will carry the name Desmond Tutu, due to Robbiesan's recommendation, unless someone has a better idea, or thinks that in light of this, the Nelson Mandela should still be a diplomatic vessel.

The Federation and Starfleet would no doubt measure the worth of one of their starships after a person based on their cumulative actions and beliefs, and those actions and beliefs would determine the type of starship a person would be named after. The Federation would put more merit in truth more than reputation.

What type of vessel should carry the name (if any) is up for suggestion, and if so, might be a future project.

Once it has been decided what to do with this information, this starship class's data will be changed as well to reflect these final decisions.

No doubt I will need help figuring out what (if anything) I should do with the above information, but I'm sure I'll muddle on through with enough helpful comments and suggestions.

I suppose I might also have to change the name of this thread... Anyone know if that is possible?

Anyhow, on to last weeks update:

The major change for this week was moving the pylon impulse drives aft-wards, to blend better with the nacelle pylons themselves, which were also tweaked a bit to in turn blend a little better with the pylon impulse drives.
I've unfortunately noticed that the pencil work scanned in a little too lightly to be very visible (which are really darker then they appear). I am not looking forwards to have to go over with a darker pencil, especially since I don't consider half of the sketching "finalized", but what else can I do...

Among the other added details are some of the RCS thrusters, what is probably the last of the dorsal weapons hatches, and red caution marking.

I've considered starting to trace everything in Illustrator a next logical step, rather than starting on the other angles, and most likely getting flustered with trying to get every to stay lined up. I'd probably use Sketch-Up by now if my laptop didn't wasn't slow in Illustrator, but it is... It is trying to get all of the angles to match up that I'm not looking forward to, and has caused me to give up in the past, but we'll see...

Anyhow, as I've said, comments and suggestions are as always, encouraged and encouraging, so please, drop by for a few minutes if you can!
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